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    Quote Originally Posted by nixoloco
    brightcell, do you use other net connectivity besides just the web? Like email via imap, or ssh thru the treo? I just want to make sure these also work with the 24.99 plan.
    I haven't tried email via imap.
    POP is fine though.
    I was questioning in another post about tethering with MW (it worked via BT) but since I just signed up with Cingular, I can't see if I would be charge per kb when tethering it.

    Anyway, the data plans are add-ons, no ?
    If so, get the cheaper, tried it and if you are not satisfied, go the PDA plan.
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    I'm going to give it a try later. I'm interested in tethering/using it as a modem for my laptop as well. But since I bought the cingular branded 650, the dialup networking is disabled in the bluetooth. I've read where they might be releasing an update in the spring to allow this though...
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    I am wondering if there is collective agreement on a definitive unlimited data plan that does not require too much haggling. From looking around numerous places, I have seen the figures of ~$40.00, $25.00, and $20.00, which, to be very honest, are not very helpful.

    What is the deal behind all of these prices; do they just depend on where one orders the Treo? What are their associated limitations?
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    $19.99--MEdia Works with 3MB limit
    $19.99--MEdia Net with 8MB
    $24.99--MEdia Net unlimited
    $39.99-- BS plan by Cingular for PDA phones. Not necessary.
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    I managed to activate a new account with the old, expired $19.99 unlimited MW plan yesterday by telling the manager at a Cingular store that I had ordered my unlocked 650 before they raised the prices and it was a deal-breaker for me if they didn't give me the old plan. She agreed immediately, with very little haggling.
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    So for $5 more you can still get the MediaNet unlimited, but it does not seem to include any SMS. So, you would have to ? pay another $5-$10-$20 *more* to get the same number of SMS that was available in the mediaworks plan...doh!
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    Yeah...for some odd reason, Cingular won't let you sign up with the MediaNet package IF you tell them you have a Treo. Since I had to pay the full price for the T650, I just called up and told them I need the MediaNet Unlimited package for my old phone (Motorola V220).

    I think Cingular is in panic mode because of all the orders for the T650 and the subsequent amount of data we're syphoning off their network!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTroll
    I'm sick of Cingular already. As of today, their website doesn't even list a $19.99/month MEdia Works kit as an option for the Treo 650. It DOES list a $19.99/month MEdia Net kit at 8MB/month, and a $24.99/month MEdia Net kit for unlimited data access; but they don't seem to apply to the Treo 650, either. Worse still, they don't list this mythical $39.99/month (or $49.99/month, or whatever they're listing it as now) PDA Data kit plan that all of the stores seem to be insisting upon. Why does palmOne's website still list the $19.99/month unlimited data MEdia Works kit plan? It's enough to make me pull my hair out.

    I found this out after I signed up for a two-year contract this afternoon with Cingular. I ordered it with a simple (free) Samsung X427M phone, with the idea that I would switch to an unlocked Treo 650 (or hell, even a Cingular Treo 650, if I can unlock it down the line) when they were in stock. But now that it looks like I'll have to pay $50/month for unlimited data, I can't exactly threaten to switch carriers if they don't give me the $20/month MEdia Works kit that they were listing just a day or so ago. I'm locked into a two-year contract already! Help, help, what do I do?
    Doesn't Cingular have the 30-day trial period?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cryptodevice
    I think Cingular is in panic mode because of all the orders for the T650 and the subsequent amount of data we're syphoning off their network!
    Cingular would be stupid to think that. Very few users abuse the bandwidth when BT DUN'ing. They need to look around and watch their customers going back to sprint. This nickle and diming business will hurt Cingular, not make them more money.
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