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    I have T-Mobile, but no data plan (no T-Zones, no internet)

    You may recall that T-Mobile US users were able to get full internet access until they shut port 80 down and then everything else (unless you had a data plan).

    Well, I am now able to get back on certain ports - this seems to coincide with some of T-Mo's changes re: Blackberry users.

    I am able to get 143 (IMAP) and 993 (SSL) and whatever the port that the T-Zones version of Verichat uses (but it can't contact the server to do an autoupdate of the program). I am NOT able to get port 80, with or without the proxy. So Worldmate, Blazer, etc. cannot get out. Still, email and chat is better than nothing.

    If anyone WITHOUT a data plan could post their experiences and tips, it would be appreciated. Is there a way to get to port 80?
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    hi my friend, you can use the web on the 4.pp t-zones plan, you have to use t-mos proxy.

    search for it on this forum.

    and then u can use blazer.

    I think also that is what t-zones is ment to be (e-mail, and some othere wap stuff)

    You can update verichat thre there home page, jst dl and install.
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    Yes, I know that I can get on with the $4.99 plan... I've posted here about it before.

    My post is about the fact that you can now get on certain ports without ANY plan.

    I'm also talking about a different version of Verichat (one that works on ports other than port 80). You can't get it on the PDAapps website. Moreover, it seems that it uses port 80 for updates, anyway.
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    I have T mobile prepaid. I used to have free and full internet access without a data plan or any plan for that matter until they shut down the ports. Now there's nothing even using the proxy workaround.
    Nothing has changed.
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    Good for you, ultip.

    But things did change, at least briefly. It was working for me Friday night and Saturday - no data plan. It is currently not working as of this morning.

    Other users are reporting similar conditions.
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    Sorry I didn't mean to imply that what you had said wasn't true. I believe it and I was disappointed that it didn't work like the good ol' days. They must have shut it down again as you say. But I can't complain, you get what you pay for right?
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    boo ...stinks

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