Cingular reps are hesitant to let you purchase MediaWorks with a T650. So, do what I did. Let them know that you will buy from - You see THEY offer the $20 MW unlimited data plan with the T650 with no strings attached. You can be a new customer, existing customer, migrating customer, whatever. Check it out:

That's how I got my MW package!! At the end of the day these guys are still salesmen who are hungry for your transaction. When my guy said, "I realize that PalmOne offers what you want. But there's nothing I can do." I told him, "Sure there is. Go ahead and give me what I want & on the comment line, notate that I pulled up P1's web site for you & threatened to sign up online for P1's offer IN YOUR STORE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU using your store's Cingular courtesy computer." He gave me what I wanted & said that he wouldn't rat me out to Cingular. I, on the other hand, told him I would do the same for him.