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    Anyone know the following:

    1. Are the IPs routable? IE: can I get to the phone directly or is it NATed behind a firewall?

    2. Do I get the same class A IP address nationally or will it vary depending upon where I am when I connect to GPRS/EDGE?
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    I usually get a non-routable, NAT'd 10.x.x.x IP address with Cingular
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    How can you find out on your Treo what your currently assigned IP address is?

    I am using SPrint, but my colleague is on Cingular. He avoided the MediaNet plan, since that plan is know to NAT IP addresses, and that won't allow him to VPN into our corporate network. So he signed up for the $39.99 plan instead....but that's giving errors as well! Cingular tech support is unable to answer the question if that plan is supposed to assign real or NATted IP addresses. How can I tell on the Treo?

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