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    Can anyone confirm EDGE data rates w/ T-mobile in CA? T-mobile uses Cingular's network in CA and NV. Therefore it may be possible that a EDGE capable using Cingular's network may experience higher data speeds. Once I receive my unlocked 650 I will know. T-mobile data group doesn't have a clue.
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    No, it won't work. Both Cingular and T-Mobile appear as available networks on the 650, but if you select Cingular it will not register. They got this one covered.
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    I understand you cannot select Cingular with a T-Mo sim, but there doesn't appear to be any way for T-mo to disable EDGE data since EDGE is simply a GPRS upgrade. Does anyone have an EDGE capable phone sing T-mo in CAL to confirm?
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    Not sure what you mean. Either you have a TMO SIM or a Cing SIM. If you have a Cing SIM, you get edge, including on an unlocked phone. If you have a TMO SIM you don't. Doesn't matter if TMO is using Cingular towers.
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    I have data SIMs for both. I'll let you know once my unlocked 650 shows up .. if it ever does!

    It looks like Cingular enabled the local ATT towers on my 32K sim on the last few days .. very dramatic coverage improvement. I'm in area code 650.

    T-Mo as supposed to be getting off the Cinguar network at some point here in Calif .. who knows on the when! My TMo sim definately doesn't benefit from the enhanced coverage on the ATT towers.
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    Actually the AWS/Cingualr merger was approved with the agreement that Cingular would sell its CA and NV network to T-Mobile. Tmobile shows this in their press releases.
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    elysian9, I just ran a dslreports mobile speed test on my unlocked T650 w/ T-mobile sim. I'm getting 89-108kbps. That's EDGE data rates. T-mobile uses Cingular's base stations in CA and NV. I'm north of San Diego and this is what I'm seeing. I'm need to switch to Cingular.
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    Just got 22kbit/sec, using 100k test. Smokin'...

    If I use my Cingular SIM I get 90kbit/sec.
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    I'd like to see when EDGE is active in NYC
    but I think this'll be class 4 (up to 150k dl)
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    elysian9-Are you in CA or NV? I'm north of San Diego and getting 96-119kbps the last few time w/ T-mobiule sim.
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    I'm in Santa Barbara, and got 38kbps with my T-Mobile sim. Faster than my 600 was, but it doesn't seem great.
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    I guess I'm not the onlt one seeing EDGE in S. Cal w/ T-mobile.

    There's others seeing the EDGE data rates.
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    Hengie, make sure you clear your cache before running a speed test. Post again using 100K with your speed results, I'm very curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hengie
    elysian9-Are you in CA or NV?
    Los Angeles.
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    A 5pm 100K test measured 102 bbit/sec with a cleared cache. Its too bad T-mobile won't give any support since they don't claim EDGE in our market.
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    I guess it depends on location. My speeds on TMO are standard GPRS. Wonder if this will change...

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