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    I can confirm this works. However, all the reps have apparently been instructed now to require you fax them your receipt (while you are on the phone with them) to prove you bought the phone at full price. If the IMEI number is not on the receipt, they may have to call the retailer on your receipt to double-check. Quite a hassle, but at least now I have an unlocked Treo 650 GSM I can use internationally!
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    what if u bought it on ebay?
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    I have had my phone for 2 days now and just got my unlock code. I called them the day I got the phone and told them I travelled overseas and wanted to be able to use prepaid cards. They told me they would email the code. I got the code yesterday (the following day). Maybe it helps that my company (a large computer company) has a corporate account with them. Either way, they were more than happy to give me the code. Not sure what the advantage is to unlocking it, as I do not plan on moving carriers for a few years, but wanted to have the unlock code just in case it was needed. Just my two cents.
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    One advantage, even if you don't switch carriers or travel, is that you can get a good price if you sell it. Unlocked units command higher prices.
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    This thread rocks!

    Repeating kinda same message.
    I just called the CSR who then transfered me to "Product Management Dept".
    The lady kept saying that most of today's Treo 650 are unlocked, so I had a very good chance of having the unlocked phone. Off course I didn't want to leave it as that. She said in order to get the unlock code I have to be in in service (or was it I have to own the phone?) for 90 days, to which I responded that I am in 1 yr contract with Cingular anyway and not planning to switch to other carrier, why would I have to wait for 90 days? I just want to be able to use other SIM card when travelling out of country.

    She, being a one of the nicer rep I ever talk to, submitted a request for me anyway without promising to definitely get the code (due to the 90 day restriction). I should be receiving a response, with the code, in 5 biz day.

    btw, she can look up my IMEI number from her system, which matches the ESN# in my receipt. The Product Management Dept# is 866-490-2666 if you want to bypass tier 1 csr.

    54 minutes total I spent my quality time with her. Well... mostly by myself on hold
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    One advantage, even if you don't switch carriers or travel, is that you can get a good price if you sell it. Unlocked units command higher prices.
    I guess I should order a few more with my discount, get them unlocked and throw them on eBay!
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    How long does it usually take after they submit the form to request an unlock? I have been a Cingular customer for over 6 years now, and have been on a minimum of a 200 dollar rate plan since I started with them. I bought the Treo 650 out right from the Cingular store cause I did not want to extend my contract. Since I have had their GSM service, its has not been as good as their TDMA. I am leaving next Thursday, March 3 to India for a vacation. I spoke to a rep which kept telling me how the phones are unlocked and should work. Then he spoke to his techs and they claimed that palm one should be able to unlock even though it Cingular branded. He then also kept talking about how the text messaging and my media works package is not going to work overseas. I was like...its more than enough that I can place a call from there, rather than having no service. I am going back to my hometown, which is a small village, and searched on Cingular's website to see if there's service...But unfortunately there is none. The rep even told me he wouldnt even know how to approach this situation and get the subsidy code. I got frustruated with him and asked to speak to someone else. The next guy was very helpful and I explained the whole situation to him, and he submitted the form. How long does it usually take to get the code after they submit the requet? I hope they can email me the code before I leave next Thursday!!! I think with a little persistance you can acquire the code along with and answering their stupid questions like...have u called palm yet?....or better yet.."but have you called handspring also"....I'm like, its the same company lol....He's like your right....Its so funny of what they say to divert you from getting that code...Its actually amazing...I cant believe they go to such an extent from getting that code....
    One interesting fact is that...if you have bought the phone out right....YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ACTIVATE THAT phone to recieve the subsidy code....I'm not moving from Cingular because they are good coverage in the Chicagoland area, and their rate plans arent bad at all with huge amounts of minutes....
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    Souns like you got one of those reps who are trained to be B/S artists; many of them are. But since you have a 6-years record with them they should give you the unlock code right over the phone. But then again that depends on how fortunate you are in getting the right rep to answer the phone when you call. Call 1-866-287-6131 instead of going through 611. It may help.
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    I called Cingular cs this past Monday. When I requested the sim unlock code for my 650 I was told, after spending almost 30 minutes on hold, that they do not give the code over the phone and that he would have to submit a request to their tech reps who would email the code to me within 5 business days. I told him that was unacceptable and pointed out that I have been a customer since '98 (when it was PacBell Wireless). He said that he could not help me, but he could transfer me to the tech reps and I could speak to them about my request.

    After another 15 minutes on hold I had to give the same speech to the tech rep. He tried to say that I had to have the phone for 90 days because it was a new line. I told him that I had signed a two year contract and that I wasn't going anywhere. Finally he relented and provided me with the code. They will try to deny your request at every turn, just refuse to take "no" for an answer.
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    that's true citymatt, I had the same issue kinda. I submitted a request for the subsidy code and 1st i was given lots of bs, such as, you have to pay your balance for this month right now, then you have to be setup w/ the international roaming and then they will submit the request for the code which might take 5-7 days. I told them it's unaceptable and they finally submitted that form. 2 days later I call back and one of the rep tells me a bs story: your code was MAILED to you, mailed not emailed?!!!!!! Anyway, I hang up and called again the tech line 866-287-6131. The tech lady says that she is on the west coast and she has to get me to the central division(Chicago), she transfers me over and the guys is not very helpful and he says that he can't see any info regarding the code and bla bla bla. I hang up again and called again and a lady picks up the phone and before she starts saying anything, I asked her if she can transfer me to the central division, and she kinda got offended and she told:" do you think that I can't help u here?" ) And i said, let's give it a try, so after 2 min I had my code) What's funny though is that the system was showing a different IMEI number from my Palm unlocked treo that I have as well, so I told her to double check the IMEI and I was right, it was for the unlocked version. So, I gave her the right IMEI and bang, like I said 2 min and I had the code.
    Hopefully this post helps somebody getting their code release to them!

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    I asked for the code last friday, I got it Wednesday via email. I tell you, I don't know what it is but I cringe when I get some of those other offices. Atlanta/Louisiana is the worst. West Coast is generally very helpful.
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    i called that 866.287.6131 number and re-explained my situation. The gentleman who I spoke to asked me the IMEI number and without hestiation gave me the unlock code. I think the 287.6131 number is easier than their customer service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rikishah
    i called that 866.287.6131 number and re-explained my situation. The gentleman who I spoke to asked me the IMEI number and without hestiation gave me the unlock code. I think the 287.6131 number is easier than their customer service.
    yeah, that's the west-coast tech support center, and pretty much the only bunch willing to part with the subsidy unlock codes right over the phone. they're definitely more easy-going. must be all the warm weather.
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    I just got my unlock code on my T650. I followed the instructions and everything worked like a charm. I wanted thank Treocentral members that provided info on how to contact Cingular and how to request the code. TreoCentral members provides the most valuable information.
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    Well, last week the lady submitted the request for me, and that I had to wait 5 biz days. It's 6 biz days since then and I haven't received any email from them. I called the West Coast (CA) tech support 1-866-287-613, 3 times, all three techs are saying there is nothing they can do about it. I pleaded.. I really did They all are saying they are putting a lot stricter policy on the 90 waiting period.

    It doesn't help that I just joined Cingular for only 2 weeks. I wonder if you guys who got your code have been with Cingular for a long time.

    Anyone knows the direct# for Atlanta/Central tech support? I'd like to try my luck there.
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    I was with cingular for 3 days, and got the code a week later.
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    So would this work?

    Buy a Cingular locked Treo 650, get it unlocked and then use it (phone and data) on T-Mobile with my tmobile sim card?
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    yes, it would.
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    i called that 866.287.6131 number and they won't help me. She said that i have to go through the main cingular support number first and that because i'm in Michigan i would need to talk to someone in my region
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    I will get a Cingular Treo 650 from the U.S. in the next days.
    I'm from Switzerland and have no contract with cingular.
    But the Treo 650 will be locked i think.

    How can i get it unlocked. Is there also a support-line
    i could reach by email and tell them my problem ?

    Would be great if you could help me, perhaps you can send
    me the address as PM.

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