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    I've had nothing but trouble with AT&T Wireless (or it's Cingular?) and service with my Treo. I've never been able to send MMS (I'd get a failed connection error when I sent/received MMS) even though I could send/receive corp email & sms.

    After several phone calls, and troubleshooting the same steps over & over again, I was told I had a defective Treo 600 and I should contact PalmOne. So I did. (PalmOne took my call right away, and I was "allowed" to speak to a tech, rather than have to converse through a "customer care rep" like Cingular need me to. It seemed like I was always on hold with Cingular while they transfered me around from dept. to dept....) Anyhow, PalmOne had me swap SIM cards with another GSM phone, and sure enough, I was able to send MMS on my treo with my wife's SIM card.

    So I called Cingular again and told them this. They opened a "trouble ticket" and told me that somebody would be back with me in a day or 2. Well, they didn't call. Fortunately, I had asked for my trouble ticket # (I doubt they would have told me otherwise) and called them back after 2 days and insisted they try better to resolve this.....And they finally agreed to send me a new SIM card!!!! So guess what happened next? They cancelled my old SIM card, so I can't use my phone. My new SIM hasn't shown up yet. I called back and asked them to switch my old SIM back on so I could use my phone....they can't do that. They told me I would have to go to a store and buy another SIM and they would credit my account.

    I am in the process of moving all my company's cellular biz to Verizon Wireless. I suggest you do the same!

    Matthew in NJ
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    Are you still using AT&T, theoretically?
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    I guess I am. That's who my account is with for my biz cell. I've got a few others still left on a gsm pooled plan. Most of my employees have been switched to VW. I'm much happier with them.
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    Well, if does/doesn't matter to you, VW and Sprint are old-skool:

    <removed poor analogy>
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    hey iomatic, do you mean old-skool in terms of being cdma?
    that's fine. we've had great sucsess with VW over the last year in terms of coverage here in the nyc metro area and customer care.

    i just got my new sim. same problem as the old sim with the mms.
    funny how it worked with my wife's sim in my treo. attws must have something screwed up in the programming.....
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    I just switched from VW to Cingular in NYC and i have no complaints abou cingular at all. CSR reps were able to fix some account problems ai hav ehad and they confirmed my unlimited mediaworks package...

    So far so good!

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