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    Anyone in the Phonenix area know of any stores carrying the 650? I've called a few and checked out a few kiosks at Metro Center and Mills but nothing. With some people here saying they've purchased the Treo at local stores, I'm hoping at least one was in AZ. A search on Cingular's site lists no company-owned stores nor is there a PalmOne store in my area (that I can find at least).
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    The Cingular store @ Chandler Blvd & 101 had 2 of them yesterday. However, the dork salesdroid manager couldn't figure out how I could buy it with Mediaworks @ $19.99- he would only sell it to me with the $40 plan and he wouldn't sell it to me without a plan.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    I called around yesterday and the store on Shea and Tatum (Paradise Village) has a few (said they have "plenty"). I asked him if I could get the $19.99 MW plan and he said it's the PDA plan. I said there is a plan on the site that expires Friday and he said OK. Haven't driven over there yet though.
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    Cingular store in Merrick NY has about 5 units and one its got my name on it when i get later on today.

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