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    T-Mobile offered me a Treo 600 for $230 when I threatened to cancel and go to Sprint for the Treo 650. I'm SmartAccess right now, which means I can't get Internet until after March 4 when my one year is up.

    Should I get the $230 Treo 600, or get the Sprint Treo 650? The cheapest I could find the Treo 650 for Sprint was $419 and a $100 mail in rebate.
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    You can get the Sprint Treo 650 cheaper with rebates through Amazon at the moment. One thing to consider is how good the coverage is in your area with Sprint.
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    I would get the sprint 650. If you can get it for 319 total, its benefits are well worth the $89 dollars you would pay extra from the 600. Is it buggy, yeah but the 600 can do some wierd things too. With the hi res, bluetooth, better keyboard and better camera, its a no brainer. The real question is how is sprint coverage for you where you are at versus t-mobile?

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