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    I have been having some problems with my phone, and I was wondering what is the best way to exchange a phone with T-Mobile? I just purchased my Treo 600 from the TMO business department about 3 weeks ago and now I'm having a problem with my speakerphone and outgoing beeps instead of rings. Can I take my phone to a local TMO store or do I have to go through 611 customer care. Will they send me a refurbished phone or will I get another new one since mine is only 3 weeks old? Thanks!
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    call t-mobile they are very good about exchanging treos. you might get a refurb, but you wont really be able to tell. As long as you get something that works right?
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    I agree with makrotonik. Call 611, and let the rep know that you'd like to talk to someone from TechSupport. I used my (original) Treo 600 for 13 months without many problems. For some reason, after the new year rolled around, I was plagued by resets and hangups. I called TMo support and got a replacement within 3 days. Unfortunately, the replacement they sent me had a yellow-screen problem... So I called again and complained. They apologized and rushed a replacement to me which I got in 2 days. There may be hardware issues, but I can't complain about the T-Mo service. Good luck.
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    I agree with the group. Call them and they will send you a new phone.
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    I called their support. They were very helpful, and sent a phone out the same day. I took the free shipping option, so I haven't received it yet. But the phone support was excellent.

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