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    I posted an account of my 4 hour ordering ordeal here:
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    I share the sentiments of the first response to your post, but I can't use the same words here, since this is a respectable forum
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    I can only imagine the pain you went through. I had the simple task of transferring one business line from ATT digital to Cingular GSM and it was a torturous process. It involved a 45 minute call where they transferred me around at least 10 times, a trip to the Cingular store (where they couldn't do anything, not even check their system for any kind of information), a lost phone, a request for a deposit in order to activate the phone (which turns out was not required) and finally, after all of that, was able to complete the transfer. Extremely exhausting. And it didn't even involve any data plan stuff.
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    If this was a personal line, I would just switch to Sprint. Unfortunatly, I don't have the authority to get the business to switch from Cingular to Sprint.
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    I feel your pain on certain things but not on all things that happen. I agree with the way the website and even calling on the phone doesn't work out because either you can migrate through online because the computer can recognize the account, in my case i get a Error M100 when i try to migrate or when you call up they can't find the Treo 650 on their computer. Also although the migration fee sucks! It's stated on the website, you know the fine print crap and i don't think there is anything you can do about it.

    What i don't agree with is attemp to get the phone at 399 at the store when its clearly only after rebates 100$ for 2 year contract and 50$ rebate for getting the data plan for 2 years. So in reality they should have sold you the phone at 449$ and probably the person you spoke to didnt know crap.

    As of now i still havent got my Treo 650 and still considering maybe just getting the unlocked version.
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    Granted, Cingular's customer stinks!!! But if your like me and live in a rural part of the SE USA you don't have a viable alternative. Cingular has treated me poorly every time I've dealt with them. It's happened so often that on the rare occasion when I do get a curtious, knowledgeable CSR, I'm very quick to compliment them.

    You may call it spite or just plain stupidity, but this is the single reason I will gladly pay more for my phones to avoid signing a 2 year contract with them.
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    Alex, Whew! You must have been upset to go to the trouble of documenting your ordeal so completely. My question is: if you have a corporate account, don't you have a corporate account rep that can navigate the cingular maze for you? Let them do the work! And good luck!

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