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    I heard that Tmobile is rolling out Edge in 2005. Does anyone know what cities will get it first? I also read somewhere that Voice stream was testing Edge back in 2003. Does anyone know any city that already has Edge on Tmobile?
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    It's eventually going to happen; even though T-Mo has not been very forthcoming, the excited equipment manufacturers have put out press releases about forthcoming EDGE-capable equipment upgrades. Of course, this does not guarantee that EDGE will be enabled for customers; indeed, as EDGE is more like a software upgrade than a new interface, it shouldn't require massive infrastructure investments. They may not open the network up for customers until it's ready nationwide--I remember that I couldn't subscribe until a good year after then-Voicestream turned on towers in downtown Chicago.

    That said, Nortel will install new equipment in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and maybe other areas.(1) Ericsson will install new equipment in Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and currently uncovered parts of western Virginia and rural New England.(2) So, those of us in the dense older cities (where new infrastructure is the most cost effective) may get a head start.
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    On Ericsson anyway, and I assume all the other manufacturers as well, all that is required to upgrade to EDGE is a new radio (or radios depending on the manufacturer) and some software at the site and the BSC (Base Station Controler). There are no major infrastructure changes at all since EDGE is simply an add-on to GPRS not a new standard.
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    why don't they have any immediate plans for the LA area? that's where I live and I should be the main priority right now... along with Catherine Zeta Jones!
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    as has been pointed out elsewhere, T-Mobile is purchasing Cingular's EDGE-equipped network (ex-PacBell PCS) in California/Nevada; for now, T is just renting from Cingular in order to have a near-national footprint. they may keep the EDGE functional or turn it off until they're ready for a national launch.

    thus, there's no need for an EDGE upgrade in California.
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    This is great news about the equipment roll out announcements. Thanks for compiling it paytonc. I agree that it's too early to say exactly what impact it'll have on EDGE timing and location but it's certainly a great hint.

    Makes me more happy than ever in my decision to order the unlocked 650 and stay with good old TMo.


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