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    i am using the site and regularly get speeds in the 80-130k range, more accurate when using the 200k file(less spread). I am in Santa Barbara, CA.(north of LA) and using the $25 medianetunlimited plan.
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    According to reports in several business publications including Wall St Journal Tmobile does not even have a timeline for rollout of Edge or other high speed. They are waiting for the technology to settle to decide what and when to implement. Needless to say it sounds like it is a far way off. The article I read was talking 2008!! Tmobile USA has been a huge pain in the *** for Tmobile overall i guess.
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    Found the article, it was in RCR news

    T-Mobile 3G at least 2 years off
    Dec 10 2004 - 01:19 PM ET | T-Mobile

    T-Mobile USA CEO Robert Dotson yesterday went on record saying that while T-Mobile will build a UTMS (3G) network, he does not see that happening in the next two years. Mr. Dotson also noted that T-Mobile has a $2.64 billion budget for buying additional spectrum, something the company must purchase before 3G can even be on the radar screen.
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    Sounds like good old TMO will have 3g at least by the time everyone else has 4G. Ha, Ha. Seriously, they are really laging behind. If they have to buy spectrum, good luck finding all they heed in every market they need it in. They would only be able to deploy 3G in some markets then and that would be ugly. TMO looks like they are next on the block to be purchased I would guess. If someone doesn't buy them for their GSM network (who would that be I onder?) then at least buying them for thier spectrum might be attractive to a carrier. Who are they going to buy to get the spectrum they need? Ma & Pa cellular?
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