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    Yes I'm shouting (hey the forum removed my ALL CAPS post title!!! ). All you have to do is call PalmOne to order, express dismay when they tell you the price is $699, tell them you saw it for $599 on their site a day or two ago, and tell them you won't buy it for $699. Magically, they'll give it to you for $599. I know - they just did for me (it.s Feb 5).

    Which got me to thinking - maybe the price increase to $699 was just a ploy to make people happy to pay $599. Think about it - I balked at paying $599 on day one, yet was happy to pay $599 today because I was getting a deal.

    Enjoy these words of wisdom from the wiseoldman.
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    Called. Spoke to "Chris". No luck :-(
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    Huh really? I followed this advice to success yesterday. Thanks wiseoldman! Don't remember the name of the rep but got my email order confirmation with $599 right there in black and white.


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