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    OK, I've been lurking for six months and am now ready to pull trigger on two T650's, one for me and one for my wife. Currently Brooklyn, NY, US Verizon users (Hey I still have my Motu StarTAC!). I'm trying to really find out which sucks less in NYC compared to Verizon which has the tri-state coverage down. Assuming I don't care about calling in Europe so CDMA doesn't really bother me, and basically comparable plans - Which one - Cingular or Sprint???
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    Well I don't have either but as someone who has explored this let me remind you of a few things:

    1) Cingular's unlimited data is now much more expensive than Sprint at $40 vs $15

    2) For $5/mo on Sprint you can roam on the Verizon network so if there are coverage gaps you're set (though you can't have more than 1/2 your used minuted in a given month be roaming or they have the right to bill you 'regular' roaming)


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