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    There seems to be some conflicting thoughts about whether or not the MW unlimited data package will in fact work on the 650.

    Specifically, there are folks (particularly on the Howard Forums) saying that somehow Cingular "knows" what kind of device you have and even if you do a workaround to get MW set up on the 650 (or get it as part of setting up your phone through TreoCentral's store or the PalmOne store) you'd get billed by the byte, as if the 'type' of data going through the Treo is being handled/monitored differently than the type of data allowed under MW.

    Can anyone definitely confirm or deny this? I'm interested in switching from TMo to Cingular to get EDGE but no way am I paying some kind of $30-40/mo unlimited data plan.

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    The Treo 650 on the Cingular web site offers Media Works ($20) as an option. Select the phone and go through the order process (pick a plan) and Media works is one of the only data options.

    So it is in fact a valid option for the Treo.

    I have seen some new Treo 650 cingular owners report that they are in fact getting EDGE on the Media Works package. There was never really any question about EDGE speeds on Media Works and it's definately there.

    Worst case scenario you have to call back Cingular and change from Media Works $20 to the "Unlimited PDA Connect" plan for $40 (the specific name is important) but that won't be necessary.
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