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    I have a V600 with 3000 minutes and unlimited Mmode.... unlimited Mmode is $25 a month....should I get an unlocked GSM treo 650 from PalmOne... and pop in my Sim card from the V600...

    Or...should I get a Cingular branded phone pay the transfer fee and do the Media works for 49.99...?

    DUN with Bluetooth is a must for me I am a network ADMIN...and I need PPTP and IPSEC....

    the most important thing for me is if I stay with At&T will I still get an EDGE connection V600 is not EDGE capable so I only get 20K per second..
    thanks in advance..
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    I'm personally moving to Cingular when they finally start to sell the treo650 and i will move both my attw phone numbers to cingular, but i don't required the DUN features that you need.

    according to other post if you stay with ATT side and have Mmode you should get Edge speeds.
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    I'm toying with migrating to Cingular. (I have an unlocked Treo 600.) But I just read this post on the Cingular forum, which gives me pause, since it's about my area:

    "I've been on the AT&T GSM plan for years, I loved the service and never had a problem. The problem is I wanted to get rollover and more minutes, what a mistake. I decided to migrate to Cingular and I regret it now. I live in the DC market and the service is awful! I went from having full bars almost everywhere I was, great sound quality and near perfect. Now I drop calls all the time and people complain that I sound like I'm in a tin can.
    I've swapped phones, Sims you name it.
    If you're looking to migrate I would wait since it doesn't look like they can make a smooth transition right now."

    While that experience is far from universal, I'm still uncertain about whether or not it is worthwhile moving from AT&T to Cingular.

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