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    I just left the PalmOne store in Westwood (west side of LA).

    They will have 100 of each of the cingular (orange) and the unbranded 650's. He wasn't sure if they were getting the blue ATT phones. They were taking preorders and expected them to all be sold pretty quickly. FYI...they can not active the phones, so if you want activation you would have to call Cingular and hope they give you the $150 credit.
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    If the stores are pumping them out so quick why can't those of us who ordered on-line get ours now? Damn.
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    i assume it has to do with supply chains and distribution strategies.

    we all know their "1-2 weeks" means nothing. I feel that they have to ensure their shipments to cingular directly before wildly taking orders on their own. Then they would also have to make sure each of their stores recieved at least an initial shipment. I would also assume that they know how many oreders they can take until that 1-2 weeks becomes 3-4 or even worse "backordered". I'm sure they have to withhold a certain number just to make sure cingular had enough to sell directly.

    BTW, I just noticed that the 650 is on the cingular site for phones in LA area codes. With my "entitled upgrade and mail in rebates" it's only $349 if I re-up for 2 years. Now i'm considering canceling the one I ordered for my girlfriend from P1 and get her the cheaper one from cingular directly.
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    First of all there's no PalmOne store in Westwood. There's one in Century City, if that's what you mean. Second they do not have unlocked 650's, and won't for "a couple of weeks."

    They did have plenty of Cingular 650s for sale though and I bought one. By the time I got there at 1:30pm, they had about 30 left.

    Unfortunately, I got buyer's remorse and have decided I want the unbranded one instead, but they charge a 10% restocking fee. So if anyone wants a brand new, unopened Cingular Treo 650 for what I paid ($550+CA tax= $592) = shipping, PM me.

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