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    I ordered my unlocked today. Will post as soon as I get it! I ordered overnight, but apparently it will take 1-2 weeks to ship. Let us know when you get yours!
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    I plan on ordering from PalmOne here in the next few days, but yea it will take that long according to them, I hope its sooner though, I love my 600 and I am looking forward to the 650!
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    I ordered from PalmOne today. It seemed to make sense to get the unlocked since it was available at the same time. I've had plenty of time to save up my pennies and I already have an account with cingular with a cheap data plan.
    Woo Hoo

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    I ordered an unlocked GSM T650 today from PalmOne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darjay
    I ordered from PalmOne today. It seemed to make sense to get the unlocked since it was available at the same time.
    Exactly. It was $50 more for the unlucked, I don't think that's too much.
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    I just ordered mine this morning from PalmOne. Unlocked!

    Woohoo, now I get to wait for it to arrive. I sure hope that 1-2 weeks jibe on their website was just a super conservative estimate to keep everyone at bay while they handle the rush..

    I've been on the same TDMA 8160 nokia for 4+years (and a similiar phone 3 years before that). I long ago decided to stay out of the churn until a suitable device came out and I think this is it!
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    I ordered just after the web site went live this morning (12:20 am) and even then they were saying that delivery would take 1-2 weeks. Sure enough I just recieved an updated message indicating they indeed don't have it available to ship just yet (p.s. they have classified my order as an 'Advanced Sale').

    I spoke with a P1 rep yesterday- P1 has scheduled its CSRs for overtime from now through Saturday. He gave some indication that there was going to be priority for those people who buy it with a new Cingular account (higher commission I suspect). I'm not sure whether he was speaking overall or just for those who order a Cingular branded/locked version.

    Then again I'm not really not sure why anyone would want to buy a branded phone through P1s web site since the account application and credit check have to be routed to Cingular and back before P1 executes the order- adding who knows how much more time to the process.
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    There are some promotions on P1 website that might entice a lot of people.
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    What's the deal with PalmOne's online store? I tried ordering one, but nothing seems to work. I input my zip code and selected "No, I want to keep my existing mobile phone plan", then selected Cingular from the drop-down list. But when I click submit, it just shows me a blank page with "Mobile Phone service provider: Cingular Wireless" appearing at the top.

    Anyone else having problems ordering?
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    No problems ordering, but have yet to receive an email confirmation. I placed my order around 11AM EST, and not it's almost 4PM.
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    I ordered mine just now, I tried to order directly from Cingular cause I didn't want to wait the one to two weeks but I got told several different stories as to availability so I guess I will just be patient will everyone else here. Keep our fingers crossed and maybe it will ship earlier
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    Did you guys order the same way I did, or did you choose a different option?
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    I had to problem at first when I was trying to order from the web, I think I had that issue cause Cingular is still new in my market, so my zip code was not registering as actually having service. I put in the closest zip that I know works and no problems from there on in.
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    Mine is unlocked, so didn't have to choose a plan. Try deleting you cookies and doing it again. Or use a different browser.
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    i ordered this morning as well from P1, but I got the cingular locked version. Why? I already have an account with cingular (and didn't need a credit check) AND because I need the cingular e-mail client to get my corporate mail on the phone...which only comes with the cingular branded phone.

    then again, I dont travel overseas, I wont be switching carriers anytime soon, and $50 was better spent on a car charger and extra sync cable for my office.

    I'm hoping (as with the 600) that the "1-2 weeks to ship" policy is to cover the time of geting the credit app and account set-up with the cell carrier. When the 600 was 1-2 weeks away, mine arrived in 3 days. I've learned better than to get my drawers in a bunch about these things on the day they are "released".

    As for the lock, I have never had a problem returning a locked phone to Handsping / P1 and getting an unlocked one back. Once I have and sync the cingular version, the mail client syncs' back to the new unbranded one. Might work again on the 650, but someone would have to try it to be sure.
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    Same here, unlocked. I originally tried to order it via Cingular but since I am an ATTWS customer they wouldn't let me transfer my number.

    Thats ok, I wanted DUN and global freedom anyhow
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    What about the mail client? Is my unlocked phone not going to have whatever I need to connect to my corporate email??
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    it depends on how you access your corporate e-mail. For whatever reason the Cingular app that comes with the 650 works really well for our MS exchange config. this is my primary reason for having the Treo: access to corp. mail. I used to use a 3rd partty app called Visto Message Xpress. The company has since discontinued thier standalone service and have bundled the app with the carriers instead.

    but dont be confused, this is a cingular app / service. I wasn't talking about palm mail or versa mail or any other POP client.
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    I'm very confused. Is this cingular app/service compatible with versa mail, and it happens to be better with your exchange server but it doesn't the same thing? Are there more than one way to access email on exchange server?
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    no, it works through cingular's mini-portal. It's more like a web page than an app. versamail (to the best of my knowledge) is not related or used at all.
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