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    I am month to month on TMo and generally like the service (both coverage and customer service). I get 5000 minutes/month for only $100 (an old plan price they don't offer now).

    I'm really tempted to get the 650 from Cingular. I see I can get 2000 minutes/month for $100 + $20 for data. I know the minutes roll over and nights/weekends are unlimited as well so actually the plan is probably somewhat comparable to what I have now (or at least closer than the 5000 vs 2000 comparison would seem on the surface).

    I can go Cingular for $450 for the phone + a $36 activation fee. I would get the phone now (or in a week or two) and have the same monthly charge along with EDGE.

    Or I could get the unlocked version for $600 and continue with TMo. I'd keep my current month to month status, have more minutes BUT slower data with no real end to this in sight (how many times have we heard that TMo was going to roll out EDGE 'soon'?).

    So to sum up, I can get the 650 with Cingular, save $114 vs buying the unlocked version to use with TMo, and gain EDGE. I'd be giving up month to month status, have fewer minutes (but still a manageable plan), and slower data speeds.

    What do you guys think?

    I guess I should be looking at coverage and customer service? How is Cingular in NYC - can anyone say?

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    be aware of that
    MEdia Works don't have clear statements that allow to use tethering or pda or not
    and Treo is not supported for MEdia, the store will ask you to add pdaconnect instead ($39.99 I think)
    T will rollout EDGE unofficially in NYC in couple of months
    just be patient
    it's not wise to jump to Cing because you just need Treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by mingkee
    be aware of that
    MEdia Works don't have clear statements that allow to use tethering or pda or not
    and Treo is not supported for MEdia, the store will ask you to add pdaconnect instead ($39.99 I think)
    When I ordered a Cingular Treo 650 from PalmOne earlier this evening, the default data option -- the only data option that even showed up, if I recall correctly -- was MEdia Works at $20/month. Once it arrives, my monthly payments to Cingular will be no more than what I'm currently paying to T-Mobile.

    I don't know how all the doom-and-gloom predictions about data rates got started, but it never seemed very likely to me that any company would try to charge twice what everyone else is charging -- not with the market as competitive as it is.
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    As of 10:13 PM PST 02.03.05 you'll save $214 buying from Cingular as versus buying unlocked for your T-Mobile, now that Palm jacked the price for unlocked GSSM up by $100.
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    Holy mackerel! That certainly puts another spin on things. Nice catch packrat. I was actually coming down on the side of getting the unlocked version but now I may wait for TMo to roll it out. I've been with them long enough to get same-as-new-customer pricing.

    I think the 'doom-and-gloom' came from two real sources:
    1) many posts all over the internet from people who claim inside knowledge of the situation (including Cingular insiders posting anonymously) - these posts all contain specific, consistent info on rate plan changes (to both voice and data)
    2) the Cingular website (which no longer offers MediaWorks as a data plan option for the Treo 650, at least not in my zipcode)

    Thanks for your input. I think I'm going to wait this one out. My Blackberry 7100t certainly works well enough for me to wait for TMo.

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    I've lurked on these forums for awhile gleaning very valuable information. I was excited about the 600, but not about it missing Bluetooth. News of the 650 excited me, but I've waited as well as a T-Mo customer. I was considering a switch to Cingular (as their coverage is now enormous), but the lack of DUN is a downer since I travel for work. Plus their data plans avail. in my area (DC) are outrageous and unaffordable compared to my $19.99/mo at T-Mo. Now that Palm has raised the unlocked Treo price to an even more ridiculous level, it looks like the wait is on for me and I have to stick with Sony Ericsson. Bummer... This whole fiasco of the great wait and then the price hike really makes me wonder about Palm in general, but they do make a cool product... The Treo 650 really would have helped me consolidate... Maybe in a few months Palm will drop the price to the unlocked 650, otherwise...
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    I'd bet that once TMo is offering it they'll drop the price again. My guess is that they were selling too many of them at $599


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