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    Please post corrections or additions as you see fit.

    Cingular/ATTWS is rolling out the 650 under the following conditions:

    1) Certain ATTWS business customers can order as of 1/26. Delivery sometime next week with a reqired PDA data plan.

    2) Sales to general public will start next week. Amazingly it will coincide with the end of the existing rebate program (designed to boost the disappointing sales of CDMA version- for which Sprint undoubtly paid a premium) and a likely embargo.

    3) Non-corporate sales will be limited to Cingular customers only. Existing ATTWS customers will be compelled to migrate their account and to choose a data plan. The available plans and price points are discussed ad nauseum in numerous forums. Suffice to say that it will be in the neighborhood of 40 dollars in addition to a voice plan.

    4) The phones will be locked. Cingular has absolutely NO plans to allow unlocking of their branded phone under any circumstances. A hack is likely to be forthcoming in the next 3 months though it maybe more difficult than many expect.

    5) Bluetooth modem (i.e. wireless tethering) connections will be disabled. Expect a hack at somepoint for this- though it may derail some other features (similar to the Sprint hack).

    6) There will an unlocked version from PalmOne available starting with sales to regular Cingular customers (to avoid restraint of trade compaints). It is expected to be unlocked and be fully functional. It's also expected to be at least 100 bucks more than the Cingular banded list price.

    Am I missing anything?
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    the list price with no contract?
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    I wonder if we can get Suckular to explain why the Treo 650 is locked but the 600 is unlocked?
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    ATTWS is now shipping ATTWS branded T650s to B2B customers which are locked to ATTWS and do NOT work with Cingular SIMs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fventura03
    the list price with no contract?
    According to ATTWS forums NBO is asking $449 with contract commitment of 2 years. The unlimited PDA data program is $49/month on top of the voice contract. The non-contract price is supposedly $599.

    There may be a rebate of $50 for purchases made by 12/31 but it's a Cingular branded rebate form. Also: NBO is telling customers the phone is locked to ATTWS and will not accept Cingular SIMs.

    I'm calling P1 this afternoon about full retail versions- these appear to be the only useful units that will be for sale. Even if they are $699 the savings in the long run will be 4 or 5 times the premium.
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    I just ordered mine for $449 with 2 year contract. I was told that it would be $499 with a one year. I should be receiving this within 3-5 business days. Unfortunately I'm not ready
    to switch to Cingular yet since I'm getting a better deal on the rate plans with ATT + my corporate discount. They did not force me to switch to the pda plan and I'm paying 24.99 for unlimited internet (mmode).
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    same here. Ordered Friday came today
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    Do you know if it's unlocked? How do you like it?

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