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    When the Treo650GSM comes out i really would like to get the best deal for it. I remember when it came out on sprint you could even get a free bluetooth earpiece.

    Anyways my issue that i keep thinking about is that i already have two phones under ATT Wireless in with family shared plans.

    If Palmone and other websites like Mytreo are selling the device with free offers, could i purchase the device through them and move the phone number over without getting any issues from ATT wireless side or everything should be ok?

    I don't want to leave 1 phone in Cingular and the other in ATT plan also hopefully no cancellation fee etc. I would really want both phone numbers moved to cingular 1 with the treo650 and probably another new phone for the other phone number since my ATT phone will probably not work with cingular.

    Cliff notes:
    I have 2 phones in ATTW with shared plan
    I really like to move them both to Cingular plans and one would be a treo650
    I really would like to take advangate of any deals from Mytreo website of Palmone or other websites.
    What should i do?
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