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    We've had Cingular service in Atlanta since 6/98, and our most recent service agreement just expired. I'm looking to start a new agreement and upgrade to a 650. Has anyone had any success with Cingular's retention department in negotiating better rate plans or hardware costs? If so, would you list what you were able to negotiate? Thanks!
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    Everytime I have come up on a new contract I have negotiated something outta the deal. I have been with Cingular since its intro. I was able to get a Moto T720 before it was even in stores or available online for half price ($150 off) on 2yr contract extension back in 2003. I have negotiated a lower price on a rate plan for 2 lines due to their screwing up and activating my T720 on a non-GSM plan. Now I plan on doing the same with the 650 as I am available to upgrade next month. What I do for a deal on a phone is first let it be known that I have been with them since Cingular began, then I let them know right up front that in order for me to sign into a new contract they are gonna have to make it worth my while for me not to switch to a competitor. I would use Sprint as leverage as they are the only others offering the 650 (for $319.99 with 2yr service)...second I would also bring to their attention that they make the money on the service not neccessarily the phone sales. Ask them if they would rather keep a good customer for another 2yrs and give you a discount on a phone or lose you to a competitor for not giving the discount. Eventually the price of the phone will come down anyway. Don't forget that your phone call may be monitored, they don't forget that. So most likely they will try to help you out as long as you are polite. Just don't shoot for $150 off, that was a special promo that the rep used and back dated as it had already expired. Talk to customer service first!! They are the people with power. If customer service rep can't do anything, Ask For A Supervisor!!! They have even more power.
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    Thanks Jerry! When you negotiate, I assume you just call the regular customer service number, then ask for the retention department?
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    I have received healthy retention every Treo, even without getting locked in to contract. But my rep already warned me this time that they are clamping down because they are a bit cash strapped after the merger. (ya right) Anyway he/she has always given it to me freely, but this is the first time, "maybe not" this time, we will see. I am porting two numbers so that should be worth something.
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    In the old days I used to get free Cingular numbers for phone testing (kept using them for years, of course). I was in manufacturing supply chain to various carriers, including Cingular.

    Today, as a frustrated customer in my new home state of California, my compensation for Cingular screw ups was a few free accessories, free minututes, and free MW time (2 months).

    I guess I'm happy for now But I still wanna know if I can duplicate a SIM card for convenience. Does anyone know?

    Edit: SIM cloning is a hotter topic than I thought. But most forums and threads are full of people posting "Please, Help me, Please please I need to unlock my phone, I need to copy my sim, Please help me." and no good replies, LOL
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