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    Funny part is, no one is reading all the excited messages on Ho-Fo saying as of Feb 14th "MediaWorks" will now allow only 3MB of data (but give you more SMS) for the $19.99. A couple people confirm it and many people don't believe it. Just food for thought. Better get it now.
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    Whew ... this is getting so much more difficult then is.

    If you're getting 2 new phones at a store:
    SIMPLY get MW on the NON-Treo phone and then leave the store swap sims.

    1 step, no phone calls needed, no web sites needed, no questions asked .... nuttin. We do it all the time.

    (Just make sure it's your phone number that is going to end up on the Treo that gets the MW - which technically means YOU would get the V180 with MW in the store with your phone number in it not your wife.) I can't imagine why you'd buy the 2 phones without data then go thru the hassle of phone calls. Especially since your replacing both phones.

    Disclaimer: This is all assuming Mediaworks as we know it still exists when the 650 finally comes out.

    Quote Originally Posted by GatorFan
    Thanks for that additional tidbit, Ed. So let's say I do the following instead - since both my wife and my contracts have just expired:

    1) We both get new phones under a new agreement. I would get the 650, and my wife would get the Moto V180, let's say.
    2) Neither one of us would get the Media Works plan at the point of sale.
    3) After waiting a day or so, I would switch the SIM cards, then call customer service and ask to add Media Works to my wife's phone.
    4) When asked, I give them the IMEI of my wife's phone.
    5) Media Works is activated, I then switch the SIM cards back.

    Would doing the above not give me the desired result - a 650 with my number and a $19.99 media plan?
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    Thanks for crystallizing this Ed - I'm a total newbie at switching SIM cards, etc. I appreciate you taking the time to edu-ma-cate me!

    I like your plan the best - makes sense. I haven't read the HoFo forum though about the MediaWorks plan being limited to 3MB. Cingular is really going to tick off a LOT of people if they try to force customers to spend more for data when Sprint's plan is so much cheaper!

    And now the thread about possibly no DUN support? Geesh. It has become VERY difficult not to switch over to Sprint!

    Thanks again Ed...
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