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    With the Merge should ATT stores also Carry Cingular phones?
    I can't seem to find any Cingular stores from zip code 11572

    Cingular website not giving me any info about it.
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    Yes. Mine has a banner saying Cingular covering the AT&T name, and they don't sell AT&T plans or phones anymore (although apparently they are still available.) My husband just went in there and had to change to Cingular to get a free phone. It was an AT&T corporate store before the merger, not a reseller.
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    thats good thanks for the info.

    i'm hoping i could buy the treo650 in the store but i rather do it in person than over the phone because i have to bring to phone numbers over from att and probably have to also get a new phone for the second phone number.
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    Jnetty you may want to complete the migration over the phonem, here's why: When I went in to migrate my AT&T account to Cingular, they couldn't figure out how to complete my migration so they connected me to a customer service rep. over the phone.

    So you may want to save yourself the trip and migrate over the phone--just a thought.

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