Per this article in the Raleigh (NC) News and Observer:

"...customers of AT&T Wireless were officially switched to SunCom on Dec. 2. The transition will take about nine months to complete. The switch is part of a customer swap spurred by Cingular's $41 billion purchase of AT&T Wireless last year. To appease federal regulators, Cingular gave up North Carolina customers to SunCom and took over SunCom's customers in Virginia.

Here are my questions for anyone who might be able to answer them:

1. I'm an ATT Wireless customer in central NC; will I have to get a new SIM? Will I have to pay for it? What's the best way to get it (calling? ATT store?)

2. I'm currently using a Tungsten W but want to get a Treo 650. What, if any, impact would there be in my SIM or plan?

3. My current ATT coverage is lousy and no telling if it will be better or worse with this change invovling SunCom; I've been thinking of switching anyway. Would this be a good time to do so? (I know I'd have pay a cancellation fee of some sort...but would probably be same difference as getting a new Treo 650 w/out a new plan...right?) Does anyone have recommendations?

4. Does anyone know if this SunCom change will have any affect on coverage in this area?