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    Two questions for you all-knowing folks:

    1. I have an AT&T Treo 600 (locked). The coverage in my area (northern virginia) is awful and there are a lot of dead spots. A friend mentioned to me that I might be able to download a new tower list which would let me access Cingular towers. Is this something I can do? The phone often says "Cingular" in the top left hand corner as I move around, but most times it still says "AT&T Wireless"

    2. I want to upgrade to the Treo 650 as soon as it is available from Cingular. If I go into a Cingular store will they treat me as an existing customer or as a new Cingular subscriber? Basically, I want to try and get a "new subscriber" discount on the phone if possible. Otherwise, I'll probably drop AT&T/Cingular all together and go to Sprint. (For some odd reason, cell phone companies insist on screwing their current subscribers when it comes to replacement phone pricing by charging them the full price for a new phone)

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. Coverage on ATTWS for me in NoVA when I lived there last year was pretty good, except some dead spots on the Dulles Toll Road between Reston and Vienna. The phone will switch over to Cingular automatically, shouldn't need to do anything. You can always go to Phone -> Menu -> Options -> Select Network and see what turns up.

    2. Not would probably have to sign up for a new contract to get a discount, which might mean a more expensive data plan depending on what you have now.
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    The phone is set up to look for at&t towers first, so you're only getting the Cingular towers if it can't find an at&t tower. You can always go to select networks and choose "cingular" over "at&t". This works fine as long as you don't move your phone. If you're in a car, when it wants to move the the next tower, it will switch back to at&t. I don't think there's anything you can do about that w/o getting a new cingular SIM... and that gets you into a bunch of issues that are discussed in other threads.
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