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    Hi All,

    Just joined Treocentral and this is my first post...

    I'm planning on getting the Treo 650 and I'm thnking of switching from T-Mobile to Cingular (or Verizon). I'm leaning towards Cingular b/c it's GSM. So, my question to you all is this: how is Cingular's coverage regarding connection and call quality? Has ATT/Cingular's coverage truly improved with the merger? I had a friend who used Cingular 3 years ago and he said it was horrible...I know a lot can (and probably has) changed but I'm still a little worried.

    Additional info: I live in Boston, MA and spend 80-90% of my time in New England but I also travel to San Diego, Las Vegas, Raleigh/Durham, and NY/NJ.

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    Seems to be good in CT. Don't know about the other areas you mention.

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    At my parents' house outside Hartford, cingular coverage stank. They switched to Verizon and have been happy since. FWIW.
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    I have cingular in Boston area for 2 months, seems to be ok. am also waitng for 650

    good luck

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    Verizon has the best coverage in NE. I have AT&T and the coverage has been good but not as good as VZW. They have not combined the AT&T and Cingular networks yet so there is no improvement in coverage. What you can do is use either network without roaming fees. Once the networks are truly combined I think the coverage will be excellent but who knows when that will happen.
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    Hmm, that was my exact concern - that Cingurlar and ATT haven't combined the networks, yet. But, since I can roam for free on ATT's network, I'm okay with it. To be honest, I really want to keep using GSM but I'm really leaning towards VZW due to everyone saying how good their coverage is. BUT, 2 things holding me back: 1.) seems like it'll be forever before the Treo 650 is released for Verizon and, 2.) CDMA...

    I might just bite the bullet and go wtih Cingular - especially, since they have EDGE. Everything I've heard about Cingular so far is either "okay" or "good" but it doesn't seem like anyone's really happy with them (but then again, none of these wireless providers are excellent).

    Ngm, which provider were you with before switching to Cingular? And, do you get a lot of dropped calls or busy signals when trying to make calls during rush hour?
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    As many others have already stated, service levels are subjective and very local in nature. New England is a big place, all the carriers have good spots and bad spots throughout the region.

    One way to get some objective, locale-specific information is to search through the cell tower databases and get a sense for the tower dispersion in the areas you frequent. A few of these are and . These databases only cover the US for towers that are registered with the FCC, which isn't all of them (I believe there are height limits that trigger registration, or something). But it's a start.

    The best data is empirical data. Get a plan with a free phone and a trial period with the carrier you're interested in, and give it a try in your key locations. If they suck, cancel the plan within the trial period.

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