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    Does it happen to anyone when they receive a call, and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to hear the other person - all you hear is this horrible crackling static? Thiss happens to me maybe...once every 10 calls. I just say I can't hear the other person, and I'll call them right back. So I hang up, redial them right away, and presto. Or, I hamg up, they call me right back, and everything is ok. I'm in the NYC area. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    This happens to my users all the time. Since the merger with ATT, we have been having many problems like this. Which phone are you using? 1st generation treos were horrible (Handspring Branded). Simple replacement fixed a lot of reception/static issues. If you have the time, you should note where in NYC you are. Many towers sometimes need to be fixed (incidently, Cingular/ATT users still use many T-mobile towers, specially uptown).
    Call it in to Cingular. They usually send a tech out within a week or so to make sure its not the antenna.
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    I've had this too, on an AT&T TDMA phone. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's maddening.

    I just had them swap out my phone under warranty (display went bad) so I'll see if it was the phone or the network...
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    Hey, thanks for the responses. I'm using the Cingular (unlocked) phone, firmware 3.05 & software 1.12-CNG. I'l glad to see I'm not alone in this. I never got this problem until the merger. This happens usually around where I live, midtown. Thinking about it, this didn't happen when I was visiting out in Seattle...
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