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    I would appreciate any help from people on this great board. My treo 600 died after about 6 months and I called T-Mobile to get a new treo sent to me. This worked great and I sent my old treo back to T-Mobile in the postage paid package. I thought all was well until two months later, a charge showed up on my credit card bill for $598.59 rather than the $53.69 monthly. I have called customer service almost daily with no help. They say they never received the phone and this is a restocking charge; pretty steep for a refurbished treo. I have the tracking number and receipt to show I mailed it from my local post office, but T-Mobile says they never got it.

    I am finally feed up with it and sent a letter to my charge card to dispute the charge and not pay it. I also faxed a copy of the letter and the post office tracking information to T-Mobile. I am not paying this restocking charge and would appreciate any suggestions on other things to do. The lady at the local post office told me this commonly happens.
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    Restocking charge? on a phone they never recieved?
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    Wow. Imagine the stocking charge if they did recieve it.

    What does T-Mobile say when you present them with the Tracking information that says it was delivered? It seems like the unit got lost after the PO delivered it, in which case it's T-Mo's fault, not yours.

    Also, no insurance on the phone? I'd never send a ~$400 unit through the mail w/o insurance.
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    The Post Office should be able to tell you if and when it was delivered. That'll give you grounds to dispute their charge, if you can show that it was delivered. Otherwise, you should make a claim with the Post Office, to try to locate it if it was not delivered.
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    Hope you insured it!
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    They called me once (TMO) because they hadn't received the phone yet. Since TMO uses a 3rd party for warranty exchange I wouldn't be suprised if this happens all the time. However TMO was very good about it. They asked if I sent it and I said yes and that was that. If you used the return label in the box the 3rd party knows where it is. I want to say they use TDS for fullfillment on exchanges.

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    I called T-mo on Wed with a dead screen and they sent me out a brand-new one with the return mailing address and postage with instructions to return the old one within 7 days. After reading this article, I'l make a note to write down the tracking number so I have proof.
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    I think all companies experience this type of glitch; not specific to T-M. Same thing happened with Sprint; they called me to say that they didnt get the phone.

    My problem was slightly different than yours. My phone (at that time) the earpiece stopped working. They sent me a refurb that had more defects than the one I initially complained about. So instead of returning mine, I returned the defective one back that they sent me.

    Upon receipt, all they knew is that they didnt get the phone (mine). They called me and with one explanation, it was all sorted out. I hope your problem works out in your favor. Stay on them about this.
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    Note that US Postal Service is NOT a tracking number (unless it is insured for over $100, certified or registered or includes SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION). It is called a "delivery confirmation" and since no signature is required it is NOT legal proof of delivery even if it says DELIVERED. Generally they will just leave it on your steps.

    When I send things back that come with the free USPS return labels I always separately insure them or send them certified mail or by UPS. I had the same problem with Amazon and it took a lot of aggravation to get credited. Many times the vendor will accept the fact that it was delivered if it says so but any time USPS is used pay the extra for insurance or a signature required service. Especially when sending back a $500 phone.

    I had an expensive radio control car shipped to me via USPS w/delivery confirmation over the summer and never received it (I was on vacation when it allegedly was delivered). It was probably left on my steps and stolen since there was no signature required. It did show DELIVERED but I never got it. Fortunately the shipper (Tower Hobbies), is a very reliable company and issued me a credit because they was no way to prove I actually got it.
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    I contested the charge with my charge card bank and also faxed a copy of the letter along with the USPS track/confirm information to T-Mobile and got a call back this morning saying they will credit my account for the treo in February for the $540. They said even though they never recieved the treo, I had documentation that it was sent back. Calling their customer service was a waste of time, but sending something in writing was productive. Next time, I will follow the above advice and always insure or make sure it is signed for by the compay. Thanks for all you help.
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    I had the same thing happen to me with Tmo. I did not have to go through what you did. I called them up and said I returned it, they did an investigation and it was over.
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    Similar case with me. Told them to ship it to my work, like the previous THREE replacements, and they shipped it to my apartment without me even knowing. I never got it, DHL driver signed "Porch", I was on vacation and someone else came up on my refurb. T-mo sent me a new one and i thought all was well. Come August I had a $507 restock fee on bill, went back and forth via email/phone/store and about 3 months went by, continued to only pay my service charges, not the $507. Next I get text messages and letters saying they are going to kill my service if I donít pay my balance. Again, back and forth with who knows who at t-mo customer serviceÖ Finally I got fed up (cuz i needed yet another replacement) and threatened to cancel my account. They wouldnít even let me change my service to $19.99mo (ride out contract and then cancel) because I had that balance of $507 from 4 months back. So I told them screw this, Iíll cancel and pay the $250 fee, they transferred me to account cancellations. Talked to her for 15mins, she looked through the many, many, many conversations I had with them and found one where a guy submitted a credit slip for my account to his manager but the manager was holding it (or lost it). She printed that, put me on hold a few times, came back and said she got my account credited the $507, service restored (they cancelled for about 4 hours) and gave me two $35 goodwill credits on my bill. She made my day. All has been good except for when I requested my 7th replacement last week, told them ship it to my work, again. I get home 2 days ago, open my front door to switch door knob, start changing out my front door knob and I see a t-mo box laying on my porch, yes, at home! Had been there for 2 days! What idiots, I should have kept it and went through all that again, but the phone is only worth $150 so what the heck, Iíll follow the rules.

    Iím out!

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