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    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I'm thinking of switching from Sprint to Cingular/ATT and would like to hear from those with experience on both networks. Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated.
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    It's tough to answer these types of questions since coverage and network capcity are different in each part of the country. I'm in the Northeast and recently switched from Sprint to Cingular/ATT. I think CDMA coverage (Verizon and Sprint) is a little better in this area but I have not run into any major problems with GSM coverage (ATT/Cingular). Data speeds are about twice as fast on Sprint compared to Cingular but for surfing mobile websites and downloading email I haven't really noticed a huge difference. If you plan to do more heavy data usage that might be a deciding factor. Prices for voice plans are competitive between both companies. Sprint charges only $15 for unlimited data which is the cheapest of all the carriers. Cingular charges $20 but includes a large amount of text and MMS messages in that price. Some people have been told that data plans for the Treo are $40 so do your research before signing up.

    Finally, Cingular offers a 30 day trial period so you can always sign up with a temporary number and try them out before you move your real number over.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    I just changed over from Sprint PCS (7 years!) to Cingular here in the SF Bay Area. In general it's been pretty good. As a subjective observation, my GSM Treo 600 has better sound quality but with more hissing than my old CDMA Treo 600.

    The only thing I don't like is that Cingular enhanced voicemail blows compared to Sprint's. I heard on Hofo that Cingular is rolling out a new voicemail platform in the south. I hope it makes it out west soon....
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    I too was with Sprint for 7 years and recently switched to Cingular (approximately one month ago). I live in the Houston, Texas area and travel throughout the region. I generally get a useable signal more often with Cingular than I did with Sprint however I believe that my calls were clearer with Sprint (when they weren't being dropped). It's a toss-up. I feel like Sprint is great as long as you get a signal and never have to deal with customer service. In the end I was willing to sacrifice the quality of the call for coverage area. If you travel internationally it's also nice to be able to use your phone overseas.
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    I just switched to Sprint from AT&T (7 years) - got the Treo 650. I am going to try it out for the trial period, see how it goes. So far, I love it...

    Does anyone know when the 650 is going to be available through Cingular?

    thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by srika
    Does anyone know when the 650 is going to be available through Cingular?
    oops I see this thread now....

    sorry im new here.

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    It really depends on the coverage in your area and your needs. I really like Cingular, they treat me like gold compared to Sprint. Other areas you may experience differently. In my hosue we have 1 of each of the three Cingualr, Sprint and T-Mobile. I will be moving all to Cingular as, for me, they really take care of me and have by far the best coverage and features for the money. I love traveling and will be going to Europe for 7 weeks this summer, nice thing is I can take my GSM phone and it will work, with Cingular's sim card or one I buy in Europe.
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    Agreed. I've used all major carriers over the years. Coverage depends on your geographical location. Customer service varies; if you get an ***** on the other line your experience can be horrible. I found Sprint tier 2 cs to be less than adequate, at least the ones I talked to. They didn't know you have to clean up the win registry when you have uninstalled a previous palm. It sounded as though they were following a script, and got irritated when I interrupted them with more questions.
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    I'm also considering moving from Sprint to Cingular. I'm in the Northeast and I'm trying out Cingular now to see how it goes.

    I like being able to switch phones when I want to on the same account without paying for extra lines. With Sprint, you either get more than 1 line on your account or you have to call them up (if you have Vision) or use their website (if you don't have Vision on your account) to switch.

    One thing to be aware of is that even though you have a 30-day trial period, if you cancel your service with Cingular after 3 days, you still have to pay the $36 activation fee.
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    I had Sprint for 6 years, loved it, had a great plan but had very weak coverage at my house. I switched to Cingular 3 months ago and never looked back. If you get a good signal with Cingular, go for it. (sim cards are a great thing, too.)

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