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    Has anyone heard when AT&T Wireless and/or Cingular will announce support for the Treo 650. I called them a couple weeks ago and they said it was going through certification. I am impatiently waiting and would like to know if anyone has heard the official date.

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    If we knew that we wouldn't be posting messages in this forum about when the GSM model will be available, now would we?

    The latest scuttlebutt is that it will be coming out later this month. But we'll just have to wait and see.
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    P1 will likely make the announcement before the carriers. Rumor has it that they are supposed to announce something today...
    Cingular business rep tells me (off the record) they should have then on or about the 20th. If they WERE to announce today, that would be a reasonable time frame. My biggest hope is not that they will announce soon, but that while we are waiting for GSM availability they are working on shipping the units sans the bugs that seem to be common amoung the Sprint phones. I'll gladly wait a little longer if they are working in earnest to make corrections. At this point, I have just about decided that I'm afraid to jump on the 650 wagon too early. There's some satisfaction in knowing that we (GSM subscribers) aren't the guinea pigs in this case (sorry CDMA guys!). Time will tell...
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    I stopped into both TMobile and Cingular corporate stores in Salt Lake City today. The guy at the TMobile thought they were going to skip this generation. Then again, when I asked about a device that supported wireless web, syncing with a Mac and Bluetooth, he told me they didn't have anything.

    At Cingular, they told me they were "definitely getting it soon". The "sales lead" person thought that Sprint had an exclusive, but they were expecting the GSM version to be available sometime this quarter...

    *sigh* 5 more days to decide if I want to switch to Sprint and keep the CDMA version or wait for the GSM...
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    I am beyond frustrated. ATT would not have done busniness this way. I have talked with 5 different cs reps today all said different things.
    Rep #1 stated wont carry it at all.
    Rep#2 stated no Idea when
    Rep #3 stated not till mid 2005
    Rep #4 stated couple weeks
    Rep #5 stated not till mid feb sometime.

    WHO IN THE H*LL even knows. I am about to purchase either the Razr or the mpx220 and forget about the treo.

    Cingular is definately not getting off on the right foot
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    *unofficially* believe me, wait... soon... *zips lips again*

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