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    I may find myself out of the country more frequently. I gave AT&T a shot when I went to China and not only didn't the Treo 600 work there, the customer service was horrid. I believe that if their CS was better, we could have gotten the Treo to work. It probably was just a feature that needed to be added to my account. As a result, I cancelled within 30 days and resigned to using a tiny backup unlocked quadband GSM phone as necessary.

    Now I'm spoiled by the BB-like features of my Treo 600 on VZW so I'm open to trying Cingular with the Treo 650. Also, I don't like having to carry around two devices.

    Will some of you with Cingular experience answer any of these questions -- please?

    1. Does Cingular have a Wireless Sync/Business Connection service? I'm fine with a redirector as long as I can get ALL corporate email and appointments on my handset. The AT&T service is not acceptable since you don't get your mail on the handset. They require you to use a browser to look at your mail from their website.

    2. How easy is it to get phone replacements from Cingular? I've been struck with a "SMS reset bug" and VZW just replaces their phone without hassle in no more than 2 days. Since 4 phones have been rendered useless since July, their replacement practice is very good.

    3. How long do you usually have to wait on-hold to get someone from Cingular? I am rarely on hold for more than 5 minutes with VZW so I'm spoiled. AT&T had me on hold for 40 minutes twice in one call (80 minutes total) and later called me to apologize for the long hold time. I was pleasantly surprised that they kept track of it. Later, when I was in the middle of a trip, I called and gave up after waiting on hold for 30 minutes.

    4. How helpful is their technical support team? I don't expect them to be as knowledgeable as folks on this site.
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    1. Yes Cingular has Express mail personal. This will forward mail, attachments, and calendar appointments. It will even allow you to accept and decline meeting requests.

    2. Well they have shipped phones overnight to me as a business customer, not 100% sure about normal consumers.

    3. Well here is a tricky question. Because I am on a business plan I usually get forwarded on to the business support center, 8 minutes is about average for me.

    4. This is hit or miss. Some are "experts" some can read support tips well. I've gotten both.
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    Thanks for the feedback, schwasj. Hopefully, I'll get on a corporate plan and realize the same benefits.

    Are there any non-business customers who have similarly positive experiences with Cingular?

    Any with negative experiences?
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    I just got moved to Cingular via the AT&T merger. AT&T's service was MUCH better before. Everything has deteriorated since they merged. The customer service is extremely uninformed and difficult to reach - they have an automated CS line that makes it really hard to actually reach a human being. I went to an AT&T store, and the crew is now uninformed and had just as much trouble getting through to customer service as I have. I'm also having a lot of technical problems with my phone/service right now. I'm having a high volume of dropped/incomplete calls, a loud buzzing during calls that just started after the merger, and I can't get on email anymore. Tech support is no help. They just try to talk me into BUYING a new phone. I've had my Treo since July....
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    Whoa! Thanks for the heads-up!
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    Today i called ATT about changing my plan. I started out at and the links to change my plan (different amount of minutes) took me to a cingular site. So, i called. it seems that as an ATT customer, if i want the Cingular plans, i have to:
    a) switch companies (huh? it's the same now)
    b) pay a sign up fee
    c) pay a number portability fee
    d) buy a new phone (even though my Treo is unlocked and will work)
    e) sign a 2 year contract.

    HUH?! it seems ATT/Cingular are now both as f'd up at just ATT used to be. So, tomorrow i go back to T-Mobile who i was with before, sign only a 1 year contract and get a cheaper rate and a $20 unlimited data plan.
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