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    I have an unbranded unlocked 600 that i got from palmone.

    who should i call for issues with hardware? palmone or t-mo?

    my treo seems to be dieing a slow death.

    screen will turn super bright, treo freezes. needs a reset. happened several times over a couple of weeks.
    backlight will go off. tunf device off and then on. twice this morning, but happened a couple of weeks ago.
    power will say is topped off. 5 minutes later will be a lot less. happened twice in 24 hours.
    battery seems to deplete faster.
    have a bright spot. it has been there a while but really hasn't bothered me. then again, i thought i would have the 650 by now.

    so, who to call?
    will t-mo just transfer me to palm?
    btw, I also have assurian, should I just get it replaced by them?
    I think it is still under warranty. I have had this one since february, but it was a replacment for the original that i got this time last year.
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    prolly P1 since you got it from there, they are pretty good about advanced exchange units
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    okay, yesterday the phone lost all power 5 hours after being fully charged in the morning.

    I didnt use it anymore than I regulaly do.

    so, i called palmone this morning. even though the phone is out of warrantty I was not asked to provide my cc for the call.

    I told the lady that i had battery and screen issues. i didnt tell her about the spot, but she asked. She focused on that for most of the call.

    after a soft reset and a hard reset, she agreed the phone was defective and needed to be replaced. but, she said i had to call t-mo.

    she said it again after talking to her supervisor about the fact that my phone was unbranded.

    so, i called t-mo. told the guy what were my issues. he asked if i reset it and I told him yeah. he said okay. need to transfer you to wireless tech (oh, he said the battery is only warrentied for 3 months). 5-6 minute wait. female rep (milly ?). told her my issues with the phone. she, basically, said ok we will send another one. she was nice instead of sending me to the replacement ppl (30 minute hold), she took my info and said I should get the phone on wednesday (i am paying for experdited shipping).

    since t-mo is so good about unlocking phones I didnt really augue with the palmone rep, i was happy to be getting a replacement.

    i hope the screen doesn't suck.
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