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    Hi all.

    When I make a call, instead of hearing a ring sound, I'm hearing a beep. Is this happening to anyone else?

    I had the orange dots problem on my 600, got it replaced with a refurb unit, half the buttons on the refurb unit did not work, so I switched my SIM back to the spotted 600. Could I have screwed something up on the SIM? BTW, they are sending me a brand new 600 to replace the refurbed one they sent. How can I tell if the unit is new or refurbished?
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    Could be the number that you are calling. When I call a T-Mobile number in the Columbus Ohio area, it beeps rather than ringing. But when the same T-Mobile phone is in New York, I hear a ringing sound.
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    There is new technology in some areas that allows you to choose what sound--or tune--callers hear when they call your phone. Maybe this is related somehow??

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