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    After looking at the Treo 650 manual on the FCC web site I see that a newer 3 Volt SIM is required, not the older 5V SIM. I am currently using a Tungsten|W and plan to "upgrade" the GSM Treo 650 when it is released. I am wanting to use the Tungsten SIM in the Treo 650. How do I know if I have 3V or a 5V SIM in the Tungsten? Do the two SIM look different so I can tell by just looking?
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    The new SIM card is for Cingular/AT&T customers only, isn't it?
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    i am using AT&T, now Cingular/AT&T, with my Tungsten|W. But I still do not know if I am using a 3 volt or a 5 volt SIM and if I can use my current SIM in the soon to be released Cingular/AT&T Treo 650 which requires a 3 volt SIM. Is there anyone out there that can answer this?????
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    Go to any cingular/att store and ask them to check it for you!

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