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    I purchased an unlocked gsm Treo 600 from palmOne. When I went to Cingular for the Media Works, the rep told me some crazy thing about the Treo 600 not working with Media Works. I said ok, I'd like to sign up for a new contract + free gsm phone with the Media Works. I came home, popped out the SIM card and never looked back! Now Cingular will have nothing to say about my data usage!
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    so if i were to sign up for a new plan including a free phone and media works, then purchase an unlocked 650 GSM when it becomes available, i could just swap out the SIM card to the 650 and configure the phone to cingular?? because as of a few days ago i am without a phone, period!! I feel like my right hand has been cut off without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryP2375
    thats great did you just set up the plan yourself online or did you actually goto a cingular store or talk to a sales rep over the phone? cause i don't wanna get caught up having to use a data plan when the 650 finally does arrive. by the way how do you like the mpx220? i had been debating over that and the 650, until wi-fi became available finally for the 650.
    I went to the Cingular store and they added it to my current plan (Nationwide GSM 850 FamilyTalk) while I was getting the phone. You don't HAVE to use a data plan if you get a 650 but it gets pretty expensive if you use Cingular's GSM network for internet access if you don't....they price it per KB.

    Regarding the MPX220, I posted some info regarding that in this
    thread. My needs are a phone with PDA qualities, not a PDA with phone qualities. I tried the SX66 but it was too large..all the discussion is in that thread.

    Regarding WiFi, it would be nice to have but I don't want to carry around a "brick" to have to access it. Now since I have unlimited data I can browse the internet from any place I can get a signal so WiFi was not a major concern, just would have been a convenience.
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