Bad news from Cingular tech support today.

I have a Cingular Treo 600 and have signal problems in my apartment. I can get around this by manually slecting AT&T, but this is sub-optimal for a couple reasons: a) it require me to remember to do this, b) it can be time consuming, c) sometimes my Treo will switch back to Cingular.

I called Cingular today to see if there was a way to get my Treo to prefer AT&Ts network on a permanent basis. She said that they have started offering this capability (ENS) for about 20 phones, but not for the 600 nor do they plan to offer it for the 650. It's a software issue apparently.

I asked "what about getting my 650 through AT&T with an AT&T sim card, or adding an AT&T sim card to my current 600?" She said that this would not work either.

The rep did not instill 100% confidence, so I'm wondering if anyone has a different experience, opinion, or suggestion to help me with my problem.