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    Ok, we've always had adequete reception from At&t... when the merger went down, I bought a treo 600 (still on at&t side). With that treo, I had lots of dropped calls and broken up conversations. I thought "dang, guess these pda phones still aren't cutting it". So, I returned it and got a flip phone (v505). SAME ISSUE! Calls are really bad....

    Has anyone else seen this since the merger?
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    No issues since the merger. ATTWS is still just as stable as normal. This is use in Colorado, Texas, California, Minn. and even Mexico on intl. roaming.
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    I've had some wierd issues. I guess there have been a few growing pains. One area I frequent shows a full signal, but the call drops before the first ring. I've had a few data problems too, but it seems to be getting better. None of this happened prior to a few months ago...
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    Remember.... full bars is only half the story. if there arent the circuits available to handle the call it will be dropped or not connected. ATTWS in NYC with cingular is prob going to be pretty bad for a while. T-Mobile and Cingular have been using a sharing agreement between S.California and NYC tri state area. Does anyone know how this agreement has been affected from the merger. I'm assuming that cingular is going to try to get its users off the t-mobile network here in nyc and onto the ATT network which is spotty and not so widespread yet

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