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    I signed up for Cingular's unlimited MediaWorks plan and have problems with connecting and timeouts. The connection seems to fallback to Cingular's slower wireless dial-up option many times (can't make/accept calls while using it).

    I can't find any support docs on Cingular's site for the GPRS settings.

    Can someone point me in the right direction before I call customer service? It's a Cingular 600 in Brooklyn, NY, shows Cingular's GPRS settings (Cingular Express), and I registered online for Media Net.

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    I would just call customer service. They probably don't have something set properly on your acct. The 600 w/Cingular is already pre-configued for gprs. You shouldn't need to do anything on your end. Or the problem is that your just not in an area w/gprs coverage.
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    This is what I well for me...don't usually have any fallback problems.

    Service = Cingular Express
    Connection = GPRS
    Username =
    password = leave this blank
    APN = wap.cingular

    Under the Details Tab
    Fallback = Cingular

    Under Advanced
    IP Address = check
    Query DNS = check
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    FWIW, my T600 has intrinsic Cingular GPRS settings and they come locked. They are basically the same as gacajun has noted. My thought is that you have not been properly provisioned by Cingular.

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