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    Well I for one was pleased with TZones and was thought it was a decent trade off for TMOs hit or miss reception....

    Until they F'd with TZones....
    I had a convienent gadget that worked if I was in the right area... a good compromise

    Now they are toast....
    I will refer ANYONE and everyone who asks to another company from now on...
    I was putting up for the convienence of Tzones on my Treo

    Now they are Fredo... dead to me ..
    Heres a hint TMO...
    Can you hear me NOW????
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    Internal TMo memo i found on a yahoo cell phone site

    Just a reminder, this was sent out a few days ago:
    Please be aware of some network changes that T-Mobile is making. We are
    going to be added rules to the firewall that will prevent customer that have
    any of our T-Zones SOCs from putting there SIM in a PDA or Data Card and
    having full access to the internet. You might start to get some calls about
    this in the coming days.?

    This will affect the IPAQ, TREO, unsupported PDA?s and any other device
    which requires full access to the internet. It will also prevent customers
    from going to HTML pages unless they decide to get the internet SOC. Some
    web pages may appear to work but this is due to the website itself providing
    a WAP page instead of an HTML page when it detects their device/browser.
    Please be sure that the customer is not going to HTML pages prior to logging
    a trouble ticket.

    This SHOULD NOT affect Blackberry?s (Only the 7100T can browse HTML sites,
    the rest are WAP only), Sidekicks, or phones which only use T-Zones and WAP

    Customers using the WAP APN on HP iPAQ WILL NOT be affected by these changes
    as long as they have a T-Mobile Internet Rate Plan or SOC. The firewall
    changes only affect customers who are accessing HTTP and who ONLY have a
    t-zones level SOC. These customers were not meant to access HTTP and
    therefore, the changes will block them from doing so.

    So, in a nutshell, if you want to browse the internet on a PDA or Data Card,
    you will need a T-Mobile Internet SOC or Rate Plan, regardless of which APN
    you are using.


    Who WILL these Firewall changes affect???

    Customers who have a t-zones SOC (ex $4.99 or $9.99 t-zones) and attempt to
    access HTTP on a PDA, Data Card, or some 3rd party handsets that have HTTP


    Customer has t-zones $4.99 and accesses WAP on his handset, but also takes
    that SIM and uses it to access the Internet on his Sierra Aircard. After the
    Firewall rules, the customer can still access WAP on his handset, but will
    need to change to A T-Mobile Internet SOC for him to access the Internet on
    his Sierra Aircard.

    End ----

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