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    Hi -

    I just purchased a Treo 600 through Cingular and am boggled by the data options. After reading through this forum, I see that most folks are using the MediaWorks 19.99 Unlimited plan (despite its tenuous Cingular approval.).

    What about those of us that just barely want to use data? I'd only like to check email when on vacation, once or twice a week.

    If I check my email with my Treo w/o my data plan, do I fall under the MEdia Works "Wireless Internet Express Pay Per Use" plan w/no monthly fee and a penny/kb? Or something else?

    Right now, I can check my email even though I haven't signed up for a data plan; how does the billing work?

    What should I do?


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    Ahh, I was once like you :-)

    If you use directory assistance more than twice a month, ever decide to check the weather in your area, ever want a map while walking around a strange city to the nearest Starbucks, you will be using the data service a lot more than you think.

    Seriously, as you get used to the Blazer app, and try out all the cool stuff you can do, you will eat up some serious charges for data usage. I never thought I'd use it enough to warrant spending extra money every month for the service, boy was I wrong. After my bill came (I didn't use it that much the first month), I was shocked what the charges were. I had signed up for the cheapest data plan they had sure that I would not exceed the amount. HA!! I called and asked about which plan would work for me, and even at my fairly light usage, the mediaworks was the least expensive.

    I use email and Handmark's Express multiple times daily. Express neatly condenses several features I like in an easy to use app (weather, 411, mapping). My advice is call up Cingular and tell them you want mediaworks and try it out for a month. If your not convinced, try it for a month or two without the service. If you use data at all, you'll see the cost benefit.

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    You can get Cingular's MEdia Basic for about $7.99. This has a limited bucket of data and fewer SMS and MMS, and might be a good initial choice for you.

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