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Well it seems quite a few people are considering jumping ship from T-mobile to Cingular for an assortment of reasons. Mine would be 3 fold:
1. To get better coverage where I live (as previously posted I see ATT Wireless - soon to be Cingular stronger in my house)
2. To get the Treo 650 sooner (although I do want the memory and other issues sorted first)
3. To get a discount on the 650, since I am guessing T-mobile will not give you a break for being loyal .. so if not I have no reason to be loyal.

All this is great IF the unlimited internet plan is equal or less to the T-mobile $19.99 one I am on (so the Cingular media plan has to be in effect and there is talk of it expiring) AND I need all ports open since I use my current 600 for all sorts of sysadmin duties.

So the final question is I understand there is a problem using VPN clients on Cingular since they do not have an equivalent plan to T-mobile's VPN plans that allow me to use Mergic VPN client since you need a visible IP to use PPTP and I am not aware of a good IPsec client.Is there anyone on Cingular using VPN happily?

If I can do all the above then I am ready to switch if the unlocked GSM version or T-mobile cannot get it together.

Other than that I am happy with T-mobile so I hope they do support this new phone soon and also provide incentive for loyal customers (cough).


Aussie, I've been a T-Mobile customer for a little over 2 years and am also thinking of switching to Cingular (or Verizon - if they get the Treo 650 soon). However, I'm concerned about switching to Cingular since, in the past, they were not known to have good coverage. Do you know people who are using Cingular and are happy with their coverage/service?

FYI, I live in Boston and do most of my traveling in New England but also travel to the West coast and Tri-state area.