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    First, I appreciate all the great info this site has been able to offer, I have decided to order a Treo 600...Heres my ordeal..please help if you can.

    I currently have service with Cingular but am not in a contract, and I would like to keep that number I have had for over 5 yrs.
    I saw Amazon offer the 600 for $275.00 after rebate so I ordered it (After I called cingular and attempted to get the phone at that price through them).
    I received the phone and it was pre-activated with a phone number I didnt choose.
    I called Cingular to see if I could "move" my old number to this new 1 year contract, but according to everyone I spoke to - It is impossible to "move" a phone number from within a company...I can "port" a number from another provider, but I cant move a number within a company ??? (I still have a hard-time handling this concept - but EVERYONE I spoke to seems to stand by that statement a Cingular)
    So...I spoke with with their Retention Department to see if they could now match the price the of the phone but the best they could do was $300.00 with a 2 year contract (Amazon is still 275 with a 1 yr contract, plus the hassle of returning and getting a refund from Amazon)...

    I am waiting to hear from Amazon to see If I can cancel my new plan and "extend" my old plan for 1 year, therefor keeping the original plan and number...but I doubt that will work...

    Does anyone have any ideas? Ultimately, I would like to know if anyone has been successful moving a number within a company?
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    not sure about switching the number but if you want to use that number with the new phone you will no longer be able to use the rebate. From the Rebate:

    (Note: this rebate does not apply to phone purchases for use on an existing account and phone number. If you already have an existing account and wish to obtain a second line of service (for family member, employee, etc.), you will qualify if you purchase and activate the phone with a new service plan.)
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    This was part of the reply I got from Amazon when I questioned my order:

    We suggest that you contact the carrier to verify the availability
    of this option. Since Cingular phones arrive activated with a pre-
    selected phone number the number portability option is not always
    available with the carrier at that time. If you are able to port
    your number with the carrier it will not disqualify you from any of
    the accompanying rebates.

    It seems that the "number" is not the issue, it is the 1yr plan...but It also seems I don't know as much I needed too..
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    Why would it be a matter of porting? Switch sim cards, ask Cingular to put you under 1 year contract and cancel other service. Will they not do that for you? I know if you read the amazon thing when you sign up, it always says for new activation.
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    I need to keep the new 1yr active or I will not be eligible for Amazon's rebate ($150.00)... If I cancel the other plan, I lose my number...Cingular says they cannot reference my new account to see the old sim (I would just not use or return the new sim with newer number, use the old sim, and drop my old plan)...
    But they cant do that, so they say...
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    Ok, I don't know if you have MEdia Works on your other phone or not. But, send the Amazon phone back (I know it's a hassle). Call up Cingular again, push them a little again, if that doesn't work ask them if you sign up for MEdia Works (which you proabably need anyway) will they give you two months free. There is $40 bucks, makes up for the difference and then some. Just an idea.
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    That seems like my best option.

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