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    For starters I am currently a T-Mobile customer in NE Ohio (Cleveland area) and have been somewhat less than thrilled with the coverage and the number of dropped calls. Therefore, I am looking into switching to the new Cingular.

    But that brings up allot of questions....

    First, how do I determine if my phone is "locked" and what does this really mean? More importantly, how do I get it unlocked?

    Second, does anyone have experience with Cingular/At&T in this area. I certainly don't want to go from bad to worse.

    Thanks for anything you can all help me with.

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    Go to Cingular store, put Cingular Sim card in it. If it will let you dial out, it is unlocked. You didn't state if you have a Treo or not. With a T-mobile phone I have I called T-mobile and they gave me key combos to unlock it. With Treo it may be different but I would be surprised if it was a T-Mobile Treo if it was locked.
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    T-Mobile will unlock their own Treos if you have been under contract for three months. I have unlocked several phones from them, including a Treo.
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    Over at, lots of info on unlocking Treos.

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