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    no way man, a laptop with a 1.5 gHz processor and a 15" screen vs a Treo that can't do anything besides one window, no macromedia stuffs, etc.
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    treo 650: yes
    as you saw me, I am using 2 devices, that bring me the most flexibility and ease of upgrade
    the primary role of pda (palm or ppc) is phone book, take note, reminders
    other than that, I also use it as music player, master phonebook, IM (using GPRS), web browsing (bigger screen), email (quickie)
    esp. listening streaming audio without clumsy laptop, it's sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimf
    Yes, the phone account is "attached" to the SIM card when using GSM, so if you pop it into another GSM device, the account features carry over. Assuming the two devices support GPRS (the protocol underlying the MediaWorks data service offered by Cingular/AT&T), you should be all set.
    jimf: thanks. I appreciate the response. I think I'm going to go ahead and switch to Cingular so I can take advantage of this. I love my Treo, but I hate carrying it when all I need is a phone for a few hours. Having a 'spare' handset only would be great for those times. Of course, with Sprint, I'm married to my Treo all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4bande
    I called Cingular a couple of months ago and changed over to the MediaWorks plan. I didn't even have to mention this link that has been extended month after month:

    They will do it...
    Yes, but will that deal still be available when the 650 comes out? I want to switch to GSM, and Cingular seems like the best deal, but they're lack of "official" support for MediaWorks on the 650 gives me pause. It make's me think that they're reserving the right to raise the cost for it on a Treo whenever they want, and JoeSam's quote above reinforces that. By "official" I mean the way it is not listed as a supported device on their website and you can't order it with a new 650 from there.

    I know there are plenty of folks who have a 650 and MW, but why doesn't Cingular just say "yes, you can get MW on a 650 for 19.99, just like any other phone." What are they trying to hide?
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    Well, Cingular/AT&T haven't started offering the 650 yet, so it's not surprising that they haven't worked the 650 into their data plans yet.

    As others have posted here, keep in mind that the carrier only knows what device you're using if you buy it from them, or if you tell them. If you buy the phone third-party (giving up the carrier discount), then they can only charge you based on actual usage. Which is actually the most fair and sensible way to charge for data plans. But until the carriers come to this conclusion in their organizational heads, you'll need to avoid their attempts to use inaccurate (or downright arbitrary) rate assessments based on device models, etc.

    If you are comfortable with telling a little white lie to your carrier, you can even buy the 650 from them with the discount, then call them back and tell them that you've replaced your phone with another, lower-rated model from their list. But you'd only need to resort to this if they insisted on charging a higher rate specifically for the 650, which I'd guess you'd be able to get waived, especially for a new activation.

    I occasionally fall into conversations like this with T-Mobile, but I've always been able to avoid having a "levy" placed on my data plan because of any tethering, etc. I do. I would hope that Cingular will do the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimf
    As others have posted here, keep in mind that the carrier only knows what device you're using if you buy it from them, or if you tell them.
    That's bogus .. they know everything they want to know from the IMEI on the network .. they can choose to just ignore it in the interests of keeping the business.

    Not sure about this country but in the UK at least I tihnk they have cross network IMEI blacklists for stolen phones.
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