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    Is there any way to delete the Office Online icon (or the entire program). Unable to delete using standard procedures.

    Thanks in advance.
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    i don't think so, since it is installed in ROM
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    I would also like to get rid of this icon.

    Even if it can't be deleted, is there at least a way to hide it from the application list (even if a separate program is required)?
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    I got rid of my icon, though it was simple. I used TokenWriter from and changed my treo from ATT to INT (generic unlocked). Backup your Treo, I used Backup Man. I then went to PalmOne and downloaded the TMobile updater. Go through the install (this will not lock your phone), and then sync up your treo to restore it. Now your treo won't have the Icon and will be unlocked.

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    That worked thanks bigredgpk.

    So nice to have that blasted Office icon off the top of the apps list.

    For others who're doing this: when I did the Tokenwriter and Palmone patch, my phone got re-locked. I had to reapply the unlock patch found at for it to accept my T-Mobile SIM card again.

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