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    Cing/P1 you guys are perfect partners!
    Just received very cool Magazine/Brochure from Cingular bragging "The largest digital voice and data network. One Third of all Wireless users are Cing/ATT customers. Talks about EDGE. All the new phones including the Siemens X66 pocket PC, Blackberry, Motorola A630...BUT NO TREO, not even a 600. AAArrrrgggghh!

    Brochure even boasts WiFi, unlike some of the others who are trying to quash it. (NO I am not starting a friggin WiFi thread.)

    And Referral to Cingular cool. Hey anyone need a referral? We both get a $25 debit card up to $125, PM me. (hmm just lowered my 650 price again,.. that would be $225, sell the 600 and I am even!)
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    The AT&T and Cingular sites no longer list the treo 600 as a phone option. I spoke with a cingular store in Raleigh NC, and was told they would not carry the treo or 650 in the future. This had something to do with the merger and selling some of the cell service in NC to gain coverage areas in VA.

    I had signed up for the AT&T Treo 650 notification mailing, but now wonder if there will be any option for a GSM treo in Raleigh. I've not had good luck with Sprint and don't currently have poor coverage with Verizon. Options are getting slim.

    Does anyone know if Cingular/AT&T will actually carry the Treo 650 or the older 600?
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    I bought my T600 through Cingular in May. If you go to the website and put in the zipcode around my area (30549) you can still see T600 as a phone available. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $they$ $have$ $no$ $plans$ $to$ $remove$ $it$...$in$ $fact$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $rebate$ $there$ $that$ $is$ $new$.
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    I picked up a cingular data brouchure that had a picture of a treo 650 in the gun metal blue color.

    I think they are going to carry it. the current treo is very popular. And, even though there is one less carrier to compete against, do not think they can set back on their heels. Verizon liked being #1.
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    The 600 is still on the Cingular website in my area too. I emailed them and indicateed they planned on carrying it.
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    cingular is selling the t600 for $349.99 in my area. (long beach, ca.)
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