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    When I was in NYC last summer, and I was using AT&T, I could barely walk a block before my conversations got choppy and I dropped the call. When I moved to Seattle & used AT&T there, things were fine. I switched to Cingular, and came back to NYC. The coverage was great (except my house) and best of all, my calls never dropped nor did they get that choppiness.

    After Nov. 15th, I find that my sound quality, once again, has gone down the toilet. This time, though, it's not everywhere. So, I assume that (USUALLY - not, for example, in my house, where I also pick up AT&T towers) when I pick up AT&T towers in NYC, I get the poorer quality. For exampl,e some specific areas where I've had trouble are on Lexington from 45th all the way downtown to the village.

    Has anyone had any of the same problems?
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    yep, I'm on 72nd and york and although you might expect some issues because I'm on the 30th floor it is horrendous.


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