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    Hi all -

    I was paging throught the AT&T forum and ran across a discussion thread about Cingular moving to some new technology which would help them combine the AT&T and Cingular networks. It's called "ESN" and seems to require a special 64K sim card. Here's a description from one of the posts:

    From my limited knowledge on ENS, it breaks the conventional GSM model where your SIM and standard GSM phone only thinks their's ONE home network (310-380 for AWS). This home network and it's towers are always "preferred" by your phone.

    So your "non-ENS" phone will have to be close to losing the home network's signal before re-registering and connecting to a non-home tower. Pretty much the way ROAMING works today.

    But with an ENS-capable phone and ENS SIM, your phone can treat multiple networks as your home network, aka.. the strongest tower is always preferred regardless of the GSM network ID.

    My questions:

    1) Will a Treo (600 or 650) take a 64k sim?

    2) Do the Treos support ESN (oops, I mean ENS)?

    3) Do I care?
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    Actually it is called ENS (see title). This scheme is only for markets that have both AT&T AND Cingular. it is designed to balance the load on each network. In some areas of the country, AT&T has more subscribers, in other areas, vice-versa. By using this method of balancing, cingular is able to ensure the best possible connection at all times.

    The 64k sim card, which has more memory than the current 32k sim card was necessary to load the ENS software on the sim card. I am unsure if one can just go in and replace the sim card.

    For AT&T customers who wish to change to a cingular plan, you will need new cingular equipment that is loaded with their propriatary stuff, and which is locked to Cingular's network. Cingular is not unlocking AT&T equipment. Easy for treo owners who can just download the correct carrier software.

    Also, in other news, Cingular is now locking all their handsets, including the formerly unlocked international handsets, since they fixed the 850 international roaming problems.
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    Thanks for the response. I'm an AT&T customer now (w/o a contract). I'd like to switch to a Cingular rate when I can to get their 19.99 data plan. I've got an unbranded/unlocked Treo 600. The question is will I be able to? All I need to do is download some software?

    Thanks again.
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    Santa, I just made the switch this week to Cingular w/ an unbranded T600 and was provided a 64K SIM.

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